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North Scottsdale Children’s Dentistry Exclusive Dental Care Membership

In an effort to help all families in our community obtain optimal dental health, North Scottsdale Children’s Dentistry has created a way for families without dental insurance to obtain exceptional dental care with our office.  We recognize that obtaining dental care for your family without group insurance can be intimidating.  We wanted to remove this barrier and are offering to our new and existing patients a Dental Care Membership.   Enrollment in our exclusive membership allows a significant savings to you while providing optimal dental care for your children.   This is not an insurance policy, but rather a plan entitling the recipient to discounts off our standard office fees.  Membership is easy, there are no waiting periods, no annual limits, no deductibles, no insurance hassles.  


Annual Membership Includes

2 Exams performed by the Dentist(1)

2 Oral Cancer Screenings

2 Professional Dental Cleanings performed by a licensed Hygienist

2 Professional Fluoride Varnish Applications

2 Oral Cancer Screenings

1 Set of Cavity Detecting X-rays(2)

$35.00 Emergency Exams

20% Discount on all recommended treatment

20% Discount on all recommended Nitrous Oxide and Moderate Sedation

  1. Includes New Patient Exam, Semi-Annual Exams  

  2. Includes one set of Bitewing X-rays per year and two Periapical X-rays.  Need for x-rays is based on a child’s cavity risk assessment, presence of active decay and/or dental symptoms. All additional x-rays will be at the 20% discounted rate

Annual Dental Care Membership Cost               Avg Savings

Child Membership (13 years and younger)         $365                           25%

Adult Membership (14 years and older)              $475                           25%


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